Areca Palm 56.5"
*Expected Date of Restock is June 5th*  Thank you for your patience!  ARECA PALMA full and lush vinyl built into a black plastic insert. The plant can be placed into a much larger, decorative planter indoors or outdoors. Professionally handcrafted in-store...
from $69.99
SANSEVIERIACommon names include Mother-in-Law's tongue and Snake Plant. Wooden block base is designed to easily fit into existing planters.  Product DimensionsYellow Sansevieria 30" Overall Arrangement Dimensions: 9"W x 30"H Wooden Base Dimensions: 6"W x 4"H Yellow Sansevieria 4ft Overall Arrangement Dimensions: 13"W...
from $69.99
Potted Sansevieria
POTTED SANSEVIERIACommonly known as "Snake Plant" or "Mother's-in-law tongue". Three sansevieria plants potted into a black plastic planter.  Product Dimensions Overall Arrangement Dimensions: 12”W x 30”H Planter Dimensions: 9"W x 7.5"H [custom tab] DurabilityThe product is infused with UV coating...
Outdoor Ficus Topiary 4.5ft
FICUS TOPIARYFeatures a realistic trunk with delicate leaf in topiary style. Can be placed into a larger decorative planter or planted directly into the ground.  Product Dimensions Overall Arrangement Dimensions: 18"W x 54"H Planter Dimensions: 7"W Note: Product is shaped...
Sansevieria Plant (Pack of 3)
REAL TOUCH SANSEVIERIACommonly known as "Snake Plant" or "Mother's-in-law tongue". This classic plant is packed with detail, bringing eye-catching texture to your space. Product Dimensions Overall Arrangement Dimensions (shaped): 6”W x 27”H Stem Dimensions: 1”W x 6.5”H [custom tab] DurabilityThe product...
Rosemary Bush
Outdoor Artificial Rosemary Bush   Overall Arrangement Dimensions : 14"W x 30"H Planter Dimensions: 9"W x 7"H   For stability and security, we recommend that the arrangement to be planted into the ground or weighted into a more decorative planter....
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