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Potted Grass with Reed Pieces 57"

55" Potted Pond Edge Grass Features 5 Delicate Reed Pieces. Suitable for Indoor Use Only   Overall Arrangement Dimensions: 26"W x 55"H Planter Dimensions: 7"W x 5.75"H  

Flowering Hibiscus with Decorative Grass

FLOWERING TABLETOP WITH GRASS HIBISCUS (RED, WHITE, YELLOW)  Flowering Tabletop with Grass Hibiscus Great Addition for Indoor and Outdoor Decor.   Overall Arrangement Dimensions:21.5"W x 21"H Planter Dimensions: 12.5"W x...

Wild Grass (Burgundy/Green), (Pack of 3)

Single Stem Wild Grass (Burgundy/Green), Pack of 3. UV Protected, SPHD Exclusive.   Available Sizes: 15" - 30" - 40"   15" Overall Arrangement Dimensions: 5"W x 15"H Stem: 0.5"W...

On line Table Greens

On line Table Greens Two tone green in black zinc planter 4.5” by 4.5” square Approximate size 12” tall by 14” wide. Perfect for the table, patio, poolside

THE GRAND IVY Arrangement

THE GRAND IVY Arrangement A simple yet dramatic grass arrangement.  UV Protected, SPHD Exclusive.  Features grass with reed pieces, fern, and ivy.    From Tip of Grass to End of Ivy Leaf:...


Single Stem Artificial Green Outdoor Grass, Pack of 2. UV Protected, SPHD Exclusive.   31.5" Overall Arrangement Dimensions: 4.25"W x 31.5"H Stem Dimensions: 0.75"W x 4.75"H   41.5" Overall Arrangement...


Single Stem Air Plant, with 2 heads (Pack of 3)   Overall Arrangement Dimensions: 6.5"W x 7.75"H Stem Dimensions: 0.25"W x 3.25"H   Perfect for rock gardens, centrepieces for weddings,...
AIR PLANT 10" (PACK OF 3) Sale -29%


Single Stem Artificial Air Plant (Pack of 3)   Overall Arrangement Dimensions: 9"W x 10"H Stem Dimensions: 0.25"W x 4"H   Perfect for rock gardens, centrepieces for weddings, or to...
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Porch climber in Black Urn

Porch climber Climbing variegated ivy with grass in black plastic urn Perfect for around the deck or pool. Approximate size with urn 21” tall by 22” wide.

Garden Delight in Black Urn

Garden Delight in Black Urn Overall approx. size 18” wide by 36” tall Perfect for around the pool or deck. Uv protected for years of enjoyment

Purple Haze in Black Plastic Urn

Purple Haze in Black Plastic Urn Bold and full urn of pink lavender in a black plastic urn Great for around deck or poolside. Overall dimensions 23” wide by 24”...

Candle Flame

Yellow bromeliad surrounded by green grass and succulents. Perfect for the poolside or patio. Urn size from before, overall arrangement size approx. 16 tall by 21” wide.

Tabletop Duo in Black Zinc Planter

Tabletop duo in black zinc planter. Two-tone green grass mixed with red/brown grass in the center Planter size 4.5” square. Overall arrangement size approx. 12” tall by 15” Perfect for...

TipTop Green

Tiptop green , burgundy and green grass in black 4.5” square zinc planter. Perfect for outdoors, patio or by the pool for tabletop.

Red Green Tipper

Bold and beautiful splash of red/green grass. Comes in a 4.5” square black zinc container. Approximate size 12” high by 14” wide Perfect for the tabletop, patio table or anywhere...

Purple Stack with Urn

A lovely urn filled with lilac and grass. Overall  Arrangement Dimensions approx. 20” wide by 35” tall. Planter/Urn Dimensions 12” wide to 7.5” at the bottom and 11” tall. It comes with a...


WHEAT GRASS Arrangement A full and modern grass arrangement with fine two-toned green pieces. UV Protected, SPHD Exclusive.   From Planter to Tip of Grass: 40.5"H x 18"W Planter Dimensions:...

Flowering Dracena Arrangement

Flowering Dracena Arrangement Great Addition for Indoor and Outdoor Decor. Three-sided arrangement where the back side is flat.   Overall Arrangement Dimensions: 21.5”W x 21”H Planter Dimensions: 9”W x 7”H...

Fan Palm Leaf (Pack of 6)

Incredibly realistic and dimensional Fan Palm Leaf. A tropical contemporary piece, perfect for glass vases. Sold in a Pack of 6.  Overall Arrangement Dimensions: 11.25"W x 33"H Stem Dimensions: 0.50"W...

Echeveria 11.5" (Pack of 3)

Single Stem Echeveria Succulent (Pack of 3)   Overall Arrangement Dimensions: 6.5"W x 11"H Stem Dimensions: 0.25"W x 8.75"H   Perfect for rock gardens, centrepieces for weddings, or to liven...


Outdoor Artificial "Cinnamon Grass Fern Bush Arrangement"   Overall Arrangement Dimensions : 22.5"W x 37"H Planter Dimensions: 9"W x 7"H For stability and security, we recommend that the arrangement to...