"CEDAR & BERRY" Seasonal Arrangement
Plant Only, Planter not Included.  This full-bodied arrangement offers a quick and easy solution to filling in your urns for the holidays. Features cedar stems, mixed berries, and twigs.    The arrangement will fit any planter with a 6” to 12” opening...
Potted English Ivy
English Ivy Potted into a grey plastic planter.  Perfect for decorating small spaces (ex. shelves, desk, or bathrooms). Shaped to be a one-sided arrangement, this plant can rest right up against a wall to maximize your space.    From Top...
Potted Bird of Paradise Plant 5FT
Faux Bird of Paradise Plant in a Black Plastic Planter,  features 10 large palm leaves.   A strikingly beautiful tropical plant that adds a splash of green to any space. Recommended to be placed into a larger, more decorative planter to...
Succulent Garden (Set of 2)
Full bodied succulent arrangements built into a Mid-Century Modern Planter. The plants comes with a removable wooden stand.  A gorgeous piece for the coffee table, shelves, or workspace.  Includes 3 sub-species of Echeveria, a Sedum, and an Air Plant.    Available...
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