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Lucky Grass Potted
LUCKY GRASS ARRANGEMENTA simple, yet timeless grass featuring decorative white reed pieces. The arrangement is built into a black plastic insert and can be placed into a larger, more decorative planter. Product Dimensions Overall Arrangement Dimensions: 22"W x 40"H Planter Dimensions:...
Potted Angel Hair Grass 58"
Angel hair grass WHITE  58"Straight-edge PVC green grass with natural tone highlight colors and white foxtail plumes potted into a black plastic planter.  Product Dimensions Overall Arrangement Dimensions: 16"W x 59"H Planter Dimensions: 5.5"W x 5.6"H [custom tab] DurabilityThis product...
Table top greens in zinc - Black
15" grasses potted into contemporary black zinc curved planter. A gorgeous piece for the coffee table, shelves, or workspace.  Product Dimensions Overall Arrangement Dimensions : 12"W x 13"H Plant 6.25"*6.25"*6.25* tapers to 4" square bottom   [custom tab] DurabilityThe product is only suitable for...
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