Plants and Trees.

Tabletops, Palms & Exotics, Pre-Built Trees and Custom Trees.

Ranging in size from 2ft to 14ft tall.

Past Projects.

You are not limited to what you see in-store. 
We specialize in customizing trees and plants to your specifications and space. 

Tabletop Plants

Smaller-sized plants to compliment any space. 

Larger selection available in-store. 

Anthurium Bush 


Anthurium Bush


Cordyline Plant


Bonsai in Ceramic Vase 

Eucalyptus Bush

Coleus Bush

Garden Fern


Garden Fern


Spider Plant


Moss Bush

Shelf Baskets

Shaped to flow downwards or side-to-side.

Available in Single or Double variations.

Larger selection available in-store. 

English Ivy 





Palms & Exotics

Larger section available in-store.

Robellini Palm


Robellini Palm 


Saguaro Cactus 


Saguaro Cactus 


Snake Plant 

Prickly Pear Cactus 

Sting Cactus 

Dracena Marginatas

Pre-Built Trees

Built into a small, plastic planter to fit into your own decorative planter.

Larger section available in-store.

Deluxe Ficus


Olive Tree 


Bird of Paradise

(5ft and 8ft)

Rubber Plant


Fiddle Leaf Fig




Custom Trees

You tell us the specifications and we will worry about 

the rest. 

the leaf,

Species Available:

Ficus Benjamina 

 Ficus Benjamina Variegated

Weeping Ficus 

 Mango Leaf 

 Weeping Willow 

 Black Olive 

 Maiden Hair 

Cherry Blossom (WH or PK)

Japanese Maple (RD or GR)

height and width,

what are your ceiling heights? 

when bringing the tree home, what are the width of your doors? 


fiberglass or zinc? 

Can't decide right now? 

often times we build the tree into a standard plastic pot. this allows you to place it easily into a more decorative planter at a later date. 

 and delivery.


when bringing the plant home, will it fit into your own car? 

For the past 8 years, we have partnered with a local courier to deliver your tree safely to you at a reasonable cost.

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