Our Mission

We aim to provide affordable home decor options for our customers. We sell pre-made items or we can create custom pieces for residential and commercial projects.
In 2017, we opened our online store and sell via Amazon for free shipping across Canada.

We are constantly experimenting with our craft, perfecting every Silk Plant project. Let us create something special for you.

Residential Projects

Our talented designers are available to work one on one with you to bring your vision to life. Whether it be creating a bouquet, custom grass arrangement, or filling your space with trees - we help!

We will only charge you based on the materials we use.

Commercial Projects

Based on the space and budget you are given, we can help you create that statement piece. We have experience with designing arrangements and trees for restaurants, movie sets, homes and commercial properties. We will be able to guide you from the brainstorm stage to the installation stage.

Pictured is a cherry blossom tree made for a restaurant in Toronto. The customer had requested a whimsical look which required multiple trunks, and requested for the blooms to start at a specific height for clearance.
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